"Tâm trong - Trí sáng"

Human resource development

Training & amp; human resources development

We use resources & amp; Make sure that the work and the people are appropriate so that they promote the best of each individual. Therefore, internal training is a mandatory process not only for new personnel. During the work process, all employees have the opportunity to foster their professional knowledge with professionals who are invited to attend or receive full scholarship grants for other courses.

Human resource development is a decisive condition for enterprises to survive and develop in the current market economy. Developing human resources to help employees feel confident, working closely with the Company, taking full advantage of their ability to serve the organization, consider the development of the company. the development of each person.

• Training activities have helped employees to be effectively trained in the real work, while helping staff to identify their development paths in line with the company’s development goals.

• Every year, NAMTHUANPHAT develops a training plan based on training needs of each department. The company always prioritizes resources for staff training and development policy, develops the succession team in the future.

• Each position, job title, job title, job title, job title, job title, job title, job title, job title, job title.

• All employees who have signed a fixed-term contract with the Company will be entitled to attend the short-term and medium-term training courses according to the annual training plan or unexpected training as required by the company. each unit.

• NAMTHUANPHAT develops an impartial, objective job evaluation system to maximize the efficiency of labor productivity and development for individuals who are planning for middle management; Leadership inheritance. Therefore, in order to create conditions for all employees to have the opportunity to promote equality in the company.