"Tâm trong - Trí sáng"

HR policies

Human resources policy is designed to bring human resources into a competitive advantage. It is reflected in the policy of recruitment, training – development, salary – bonus – welfare, treatment regimes, working environment and development of corporate culture to keep the good and attract talented. It creates favorable conditions for employees to work best, develop professionally and stick with the company for a long time.



In NAMTHUANPHAT, employees receive competitive compensation according to clear regulations. Income depends on qualifications, professional capacity, roles, responsibilities, actual workload as well as work efficiency.

Besides the periodical evaluation of emulation and reward. The company also develops and organizes the implementation of reward regulations of the company in timely and effective manner. Individuals and individuals who have achieved excellent results on a periodic or unexpected basis shall be recognized and rewarded in a fair and equitable manner.



Human righteousness is a priceless asset.

NAMTHUANPHAT is a young team aspiring to conquer great challenges and goals through careful planning and preparation, understanding and mastering technology, creating value and bringing it to life. good meaning for life. The best value of life is to work and dedicate your energy, share your development goals in NAMTHUANPHAT.

NAMTHUANPHAT is committed to creating a harmonious working environment for the community. With a professional working environment, dynamic, creative and united, NAMTHUANPHAT focuses on developing the best for individuals, creating opportunities for advancement for each member, expecting them to grow up together with their professional development. and long-term commitment, bring a better life both in terms of material and spiritual values for themselves and their families.