Acntion Plan 2020

On January 4, 2020, NTP held a meeting to evaluate business results in 2019 at Oceanami – Long Hai Resort, through the 2020 business plan, new product development plan and Some other important content.

Mr Phan Nhat Tuyen – CEO Nam Thuan Phat Engineering JSC

As a result, in 2019, NTP exceeded the revenue plan and marked more with many new projects and new partners. Thereby, NTP Group gradually occupies a position in M.E.P market and affirms to be a professional and reliable contractor in the whole country.

In the orientation of the operation in 2020, Mr. Phan Nhat Tuyen – General Director also stated that, although there have been certain achievements, the Group’s business activities also face many difficulties and challenges. In particular, it is required to constantly improve financial capacity, executive management skills to be able to stand firm and compete in the current difficult economic period. With youth and enthusiasm, NTP believes that it will succeed on the path to the goal of bringing the Group more and more strong, worthy of the efforts and determination of each member living and working together in the NTP’s house.