Nam Thuan Phat Services


1. Maintenance Services :
Nam Thuan Phat committed to providing you with the best support services.We guarantee you will save time and budget.

2. Support before and after sale:
 Customer service department will respond quikly and effciently to your requirements.

3. Advansed proficiency and product knowledge for employees:
 We will regularly organize training sessions for staff and employees to meet your requirements.

                                                            CAPACITY TO IMPLEMENT

The services performed by Nam Thuan Phat include many diverse services according to customer requirements:

1. Customer Benefits:
• Improved production performance, enterprise business.
• The production line with high efficiency.
• Provide high-quality products.
• Services in repair and maintenance possible.

2. Description of Service:
• Free consultation according to the specific needs of each customer (including for information, survey and provide optimal solutions).
• Repair, replacement parts, mechanical conveyor equipment, plant, civil, and industrial.
• Maintenance M&E systems, conveyor systems, industrial machines.
• Outsourcing of mechanical products according to the requirements of domestic and foreign customers.

3. Specifications and standards:
• Nam Thuan Phat has a team of professional project management support customers deploying conveyor installation, production engineering ... The person appointed will be responsible for ensuring the production is completed correctly plans within financial determine and meet the high standards of quality in accordance with customer expectations.
• Nam Thuan Phat always produce products and services with attractive form, quality assurance, reasonable price, all because of satisfied customers.
• Always listen to the opinions of customers and transfer the goodwill of clients into reality.

Nam Thuan Phat criteria set out: "Bring to the product, the best service and customer profitability." Customer profitability is the profit of the Nam Thuan Phat.